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Ramesh Mallipeddi

University of Colorado-Boulder
Associate Professor of English
Ramesh Mallipeddi received his PhD from Cornell University in 2008, specializing in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature. His research on sentimentalism, transatlantic slavery, and the British empire has appeared in _Eighteenth-Century Studies_, _The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation_, and _ELH_. His monograph, _Spectacular Suffering: Witnessing Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic_ (University of Virginia Press, 2016), shows how the ostensible objects of sentimental compassion—African slaves—contended with the forces of capitalist abstraction and produced a melancholic counterdiscourse on slavery. Most recently, he contributed an essay to _Emergent Nation: Early Modern British Literature in Transition, 1660-1714_ (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

He is presently at work on two book projects: the first, _Expendable Lives, Disposable Lands: Racial Ecologies in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture, 1627-1834_, traces the conjoined histories of capitalist modernity, imperial expansion, and climate change within the context of plantation agriculture. The second project, _Indignity: Rights and Reparations_, is devoted to questions of bodily autonomy and subjective right in texts ranging from Richardson’s _Clarissa_ to J. M. Coetzee’s _Disgrace_.